The Natural Law of Privacy,
Now Being Enforced.

Encrypt your posts & chats on You-Know-Where. Allow only your friends to decrypt.

Get Maskbook for Chrome, Edge, Firefox,
and Chromium-based browsers.

Encrypted & Decrypted Automatically

Maskbook allows you to encrypt content when posting on You-Know-Where.
Only you and your friends can decrypt them.
Not even developers of Maskbook.

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You will be guided through it once installed.

Start posting encrypted posts

Relax and enjoy!
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All Our Meme Are Belong To You
Mask Your Own Meme

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maskbook?

Maskbook is a browser extension that enables you, all Internet users, to create encrypted posts on your favorite social network sites, including Facebook and Twitter. Your can choose who is able to see them and who is not. We would like to bring your own data back to you. Such freedom is not limited to your posts. On Maskbook, you can also play your favorite Blockchain DApps or even send or claim a red packet on these sites with no limits from the site administrators.

Those companies are providing free services, right?

You are right, but providing free services only costs a little — at the same time they make much more money with your online (and even offline) behavior data, which can only be legitimately owned by you, and should only and solely be at your direction. We should stop them exploitating the value of our own data.

Will those companies ban me if I use Maskbook?

There is no allow or disallow — they will have to accept it because the last enemy for them is the users. If they ban you, it means that they could ban all the other billions of users. Wise users like you would soon panic and run for exodus and look for alternatives. Supports from users are the most valuable asset for them — that’s why they will never "massarce" users if there is another option.

Why are you so sure?

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Ownership of Computation, Liberty of Encryption, and the Pursuit of Privacy.

Can my friends read my posts without installing Maskbook?

No. That is why we need you to broadcast such a (great) tool to your friends! We really appreciate it! (Lets MAKE PRIVACY PROTECTED AGAIN!!!)

Will you be able to see what I am posting?

No. Absolutely not unless you are using the "unsafe mode". Unless we are friends. PERIOD. We are providing this end-to-end tool for you so that all the encryption/decryption processes are conducted on your own computers, and these social network sites are nothing more than tubes for data transmission (read: "transport layer"). All the transmissions and synchronizations are powered by GunDB, a decentralized database that stores and synchronizes the public keys of Maskbook users. You may consider it a cloud vault (read: "Amazon S3") which helps you store publicly available data. In order to ensure service stability, we run a node in the GunDB network as a superpeer with no privileges than other superpeers. However, we do provide an "unsafe mode" that you can choose to share with everyone (aka all Maskbook users).

I still don’t get it.

In short, locally, Maskbook helps you encrypt and decrypt messages and GunDB simplifies the process of authorizing recipients to decrypt. Those social network sites work as an infrastructure like ISPs (e.g. AT&T) that help you store and deliver the encrypted messages so you and your recipients can access them anywhere and anytime.

Nice! Is it free?

YES!!! We will never charge you for this tool and will always release future versions of Maskbook under AGPL 3.0, the freest license for free software as endorsed by Free Software Foundation, so that more developers or even non-developers can join the development and help improving the software.

Can I use it on mobile devices?

Yes!!!!! You can now get Maskbook Mobile on both iOS and Android.

Explain like I am a nerd

Alice encrypts cleartext (M) with a random AES key (K) to get ciphertext (CT) and then securely shares K via ECIES over SECP256K1 with Bob using Bob's public key (K.Bob).
Alice publishes CT on Facebook and synchronizees K.Bob over GUN. Bob can then retrieve K to decrypt M.